How could you possibly end your forever alone status if you are still inferior to yourself? Lack of confidence is the same as you demean yourself, you feel that you can not be better than other people and you do not deserve the woman you want. If you are already accustomed to lowering yourself, it’s appropriate for others, including women, to make you feel inferior when you want to approach them. Your mind has always been an impact because you often think negatively about yourself. You are not sure and believe in the strengths you have and continue to blame yourself for the failures and rejection that you have experienced in the past. As an example, you may blame yourself when a girl doesn’t text back . However, you should stay positive instead of thinking of your failure over and over again. You may wait for her for a while, and then move on if she is not interested with you.

So if you want to immediately end your forever alone status, first eliminate the nature of your mind by starting to improve your appearance and mindset. It’s because it could be your mindset all this time because you are not confident in your own appearance or you cannot familiarize yourself with positive thinking.

In addition, you must not perceive your feeling as love too soon. This is the second thing you should avoid if you don’t want to survive with your forever alone status. Do not be too quick to conclude your fond feelings at the beginning of acquaintance and approach as love.

At the beginning of your introduction to women, you are only interested in her because of your physical and instincts as a man who likes the beauty of women. Don’t overly conclude your feelings as love.

It’s because when you have concluded your feelings of interest as love, you will be hoping to get her, and you will start to do various ways to get her.

Including chasing a woman and showing that you are really interested in her and want to get her, and this makes you look unattractive. Remember that you want to make the woman attracted to you and not the other way around.