Bonfires are mandatory when camping. Without a campfire, camping feels less exciting. Bonfires can be used to warm yourself and you may use it for cooking tasty foods when camping. Did you know that there are several types of fires with different benefits and purposes?

For those of you who don’t know, let’s see the explanation of how to make 2 types of campfires:

Tepee Fire

The Tepee Fire campfire is suitable for festive occasions when camping, such as when singing and dancing. Gathering around this campfire while sitting around will also be fun. The campfire technique is a common campfire technique and is well known to many people. How to turn it on is easy and can be made in a short time. The Tepee Fire campfire will produce a fire high enough and make the surrounding area bright. This is because of its raised and conical shape. Besides this campfire will produce heat more than other campfire techniques but has a faster combustion rate than other campfire techniques so that the fire goes out faster.

How to make: Prepare small branches and larger wooden sticks. Make sure it is dry. Stack a few branches at random, then on top of the wooden stacks arranged like the shape of an Indian tent. When seen, the shape is like conical upwards. Make sure there is still plenty of room so that the small branches inside are still visible. Burn the small branches to light a campfire.

Swedish Torch

Swedish Torch type campfire is a type of bonfire that is famous abroad. This campfire technique provides less heat and less light when compared to Tepee Fire but has a slow-burning rate. As a result, this campfire can last for hours. Swedish Torch is suitable for warming the body overnight in the cold highlands.

How to make: Look for logs or logs that are about 60 cm high with a minimum diameter of 25 cm. Make sure both ends are flat so they can be erected. Make a cross-cut from the top of the log to the bottom 1/3. When it’s viewed from above, you will see a circle divided into four with a gap of approximately 1-2 cm. Start burning fire from the top.