Bored with the look of an old-fashioned and shabby kitchen? Want to give a different touch of decoration to make your kitchen look stylish again? If so, then you can consider choosing an Italian-style kitchen design or decor. This Italian-style d├ęcor is very thick with European nuances and the kitchen is an area that rarely gets this Italian touch. whereas, a kitchen that is usually combined with a dining area is one of the most used spaces for daily activities. You cannot forget the cabinet. Get the best one on cabinets bakersfield.

By applying the Italian style in the kitchen, it is not impossible that the room that was worn and rarely noticed can turn into a warm room with a touch of European-style arts in each corner. And it is not impossible after the kitchen is finished re-decorating, the mothers can be more at home to spend time in the kitchen to cook family favorite dishes. for that, there are things that need to be considered in decorating an Italian kitchen.

– Walls and Floors

Good colors to be applied to the walls and floors of your kitchen are palette colors but tend to be firm and seem a little strong. Avoid using white on the walls because, for Italian-style interior design, white is rarely used. You can switch to yellow or color like dark terracotta. Finally, try to make the color have a tone that looks natural.

– Furniture and Accessories

As a complement to Italian-style decorations, you can choose the right furniture as a supporter. One of them is a counter. Select a plain counter table or choose one that has a pattern such as marble or natural rock. For the dining table, choose a dining table made of wood and a bench made of similar materials. Beside the dining table, you can also place a display cabinet to put dinnerware made of ceramics, antique cutlery, or drink bottles.

– Tile

Tiles are also the easiest way to bring the feel of Italy into a room. The use of tiles in this room can vary, from tiles to walls, pedestals, floors, or to support poles. You can also choose plain, slightly patterned tiles or tiles painted with mural paintings. Large tiles can be displayed individually or as part of an art object in the kitchen itself.