Adjust The Curtain Model With Window Shape

The window curtain model that you choose greatly influences the overall appearance of the window of the room. The shape of a curved window is more suitable to use a window curtain with a binder that opens in the middle. Likewise with the กิจถาวรผ้าม่าน model made from thick will elegantly fold and fold when installing in a vertical elongated window.

If you want to make window blinds a part of the room’s interest point, you should use a blend of window blinds that are different from the color of the chosen house. You can choose matching colors that are still one shade with the color of the wall paint. The atmosphere will also immediately feel different with a contrasting color blend between window curtains, wall paint, and the main furniture of the room.

Do these tips help you choose the right window curtain for the room in your house? Because window curtains have varying prices in each store, don’t forget to survey the price first. You can also find the best curtains on our website.

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