You Must Know Why Girls Ignore Your Chats

If you have trouble approaching women, maybe your chat is just that and that’s boring. Women never learn new experiences from chatting with you, so that is what makes them bored and lazy to reply to your chat. Even though women are very happy if you can invite them to discuss a particular topic or teach them a new experience and lesson. Furthermore, you also need to learn how to text girls too.


That is why, as a man you are not only required to be smart, but you also need to be smart and have broad insight so that you can direct women to discuss quality topics and always provide new lessons and experiences for women.

At least you must have skills or hobbies that you can tell and teach women about your chat topics with them. If you don’t have certain skills and hobbies, let her go.

Your reply to the chat with something that is not expected by women

When a woman replies to your chat by telling her hobbies and life, you’re not enthusiastic and find out more about the story instead you divert and ignore the story by discussing other topics. Women will think you don’t care about the story and that maybe what makes it lazy to reply to your chat.

For what reply to chat people who do not care about the story. Women will think like that. You should be able to show your interest in her by caring about her life.

If you can care about her story and life, a woman will feel more open and comfortable to chat with you and tell more about herself.

You don’t dare to ask her to meet and date

You have been chatting with her for a long time and you guys are also getting close, but why does she suddenly disappear and avoid you even never replying to your chat again?

Because you waited too long to ask her out, you’re still afraid and insecure to meet in person and date her. That’s what makes women choose to go and look for a new crush who dared to ask her out.

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