You May Use This Ingredient To Remove Broken Egg Smell On Your Tiles

Surely you are familiar with eggs as a food ingredient for cooking. Ranging from making cakes to just plain eggs. Eggs are so easily processed into good food that they are often in your kitchen or refrigerator. It’s just that, eggs have fragile shells and often break in places that are not right if we are careless. Eggs break on the tile because they don’t happen on purpose. In the meantime, if you don’t have the time to clean your tiles by yourself, don’t hesitate to call the best important link, especially if you need to clean your tiles as soon as possible.

Broken eggs will spread unpleasant smells. Even though it has been cleaned, sometimes it still smells fishy and the stickiness still remains.

Actually, with a few tips, you don’t have to clean the tile repeatedly. When eggs break on the tile of your house, the first thing you have to do is remove the broken eggshell.

If there is still residual liquid in the shell, try to get the liquid wasted with the shell. Do not get dirtier the tile. Do not let the egg droplets contaminate other parts of the tile.

After that, sprinkle the fine salt on the egg liquid on the tile. The salt will agglomerate the eggs and make the seepage of the eggs less widespread. Let stand for 15 minutes and wait for the egg liquid to clot.

Take a clean dry tissue, you should not use a cloth because the cloth will continue to smell fishy and difficult to wash. Take the lump of egg with a tissue until it’s clean.

Rub dishwashing soap on the tile where the egg breaks. It is better if the soap contains lime to remove the fishy odor. After that, rinse the dishwashing soap with a wet cloth.

Wait until the tile is dry. The fishy smell and stickiness on the tile disappeared instantly!

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