Important Speaking Tips For Task 3-4 In A2 English Test

A2 level is the second level of English in the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) for basic users. It shows that you have mastered basic English can communicate simple tasks. Before you take the british life skills, make sure you have prepared the basic skills English especially in speaking. There are four tasks for the spoken exam at A2 level. There are also need two candidates in this exam to pass the tasks.

If you’re preparing for speaking exam at A2 level, here are some tips for task 3 and 4 you need to know.

Speaking Tips in Task 3-4 in A2 English Test

1. Task 3 – Transactional Dialogue

First things you should do is to read each card carefully to make sure you understand the situation. Then you will decide what and how you want to say based on the role card. For this A2 English test, you can practice it with parents, friends, relatives or other people who speak English. You can imagine a lot of everyday situations, like what people say in the street, in shops, at the hotel, at the airport or railway station, etc. One of you speaks as an official, the person as the guest, customer, visitor, etc. In this task, you can use polite informal language in the dialogues.

2. Task 4 – Communication Dialogues

At A2 English test for communication dialogues, you can practice it with friends, family or other people who speak English. Imagine that you are in everyday situations, like what people say at the hotel, at the restaurants, in the street, a doctor, etc. You can speak as an official, while the other person as the customer, patient, guest, etc. You can try to continue the conversations a bit longer and you should use polite formal English in this role-plays.

That’s the tips you need to know for A2 English test in task 3 and 4. You need to keep practicing so you can pass the test easily.

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