In a coworking space, there is a lot of space that can be rented for meetings or just ordinary discussions. To distinguish the function of one room with another, affixed to a glass sticker with writing that shows the usefulness of the room as in this glass partition. Glass partitions look even more elegant because the writing is in the form of simple black Latin letters. Aside from that, if there’s a damaged partition glass in your office, perhaps you want to call the best emergency glass repair service in your city.

Not only symbolizes function, but partitions can also be given letters or numbers that symbolize the number of each room. This will make it easier for the coworking space to note which room is empty or used and the tenant to enter the correct room.

In addition to the glass sticker function that makes it easy for workers to find discussion rooms, partitions with the writing of certain words can also be an option. Choosing creative fonts and writing stickers on glass partitions can trigger workers to continue to come up with creative ideas that can be used to improve company performance.