The condo property is always sought after. Just look at the fact when there was condo launch, the news was that all the units were sold out or sold out. You now can go to gather more info about Avenue South Residence.

People buy condos not only to live in but also to make money through the property investment. If you have such that idea, Avenue South Residence can be your good choice. This is because the level of profit margins is quite promising. Moreover, the assumption is that property prices will always rise from time to time. The condo has become one of the best choices of property investment at this time. In order to resell the condo well, there are a few tips when selling a condo.

First, you must choose the right location, such as close to infrastructure development. It would be best for you to consider the condo that has a bright future because it is close to the planned infrastructure development of the government. For this reason, you must consider the Avenue South Residences.

Second, it must be close to the center of activity. The condo like South Avenue Residence must be close to various activity centers such as extensive shopping centers, elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, universities, hospitals, the International Exhibition, and Convention Center, sports stadiums and offices.

The third consideration of direction also affects the price of the condo. Usually, the more beautiful the view is, the higher the price offered. Sure, you have the chance to find out the condo with large green open space has been built, Central Park. This can be added value by looking for condo units facing Central Park. With a view to Central Park, the prices of condos are more expensive than other units.

The fourth tip is considering the condos with higher floors and directions to beautiful landscapes have more expensive prices too. So it’s more comfortable, with beautiful views, the more expensive and the higher the price of the condo unit. Because from this floor residents can enjoy a beautiful panorama either in the morning or evening.