Eliminate Corrosion from your Metal Doors

Metal doors such as the garage door will certainly be exposed by rain. Of course, it will be exposed to corrosion. Corrosion that is left continuously will cause erosion of the metal layer, making the door damaged and eventually unable to be used again. You will also be difficult to lock it and need services from a local locksmith. If you want to try to eliminate corrosion on your metal door, try the following steps:
• You can use salt, baking powder, and orange water. The three ingredients you combine with a dose of half a spoonful of salt, half a spoonful of baking soda powder, and a little orange juice. After the ingredients are mixed and ready, apply to all the rusty parts. Let stand a few moments so that interaction occurs that makes rust expand fade. After that, wipe with a dry cloth and the rust is gone
• White vinegar or regular vinegar. The trick is to flush with vinegar when the rust part is too wide, if the rust is only a little, just give vinegar on the cloth then rub it on the rusty part. The use of white vinegar is faster than ordinary vinegar
• Oxalic acid. In its use you must use gloves first, do not be exposed to splashes from this material because it is quite dangerous for the body if interacting directly. For how to use it, mix the ingredients with hot water then pour the solution on the corroded object. Wait a while for the two to interact with each other. After feeling long enough, do rubbing using a sponge made from aluminum foil, made from wire and dry cloth
• Use powdered citric acid. How to mix the citric acid with water and stir until smooth. Then pour the mixture on the rusty part, leave it overnight so you can interact with each other optimally. After you leave it for a long time, rub it like in no. 3 above, repeat if there is still a small amount of rust remaining.

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